Criminal Defense

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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

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    Criminal Defendant.

    In every legal action, whether civil or criminal, there are two sides. The person suing is the plaintiff and the person against whom the suit is brought is the defendant. In some instances, there may be more than one plaintiff or defendant. If an individual is being sued by his or her neighbor for trespass, then he or she is the defendant in a civil suit. The person being accused of murder by the state in a Homicide case is the defendant in a criminal action.

    Obtain Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Attorney Steven Glink effectively represents adults and juveniles, striving to protect their rights, freedoms and futures. Contact our firm today to arrange your free consultation regarding any of the following legal matters including:
    • Domestic Battery - defense for domestic abuse, child abuse and protection violations.
    • Driver’s License Reinstatement - obtain reinstatement of driving privileges.
    • Drug Crimes - vigorous defense of felony and misdemeanor drug charges.
    • DUI - keep your driving privileges and reduce DUI impact.
    • Felony Defense - defense for aggravated assault, battery, weapons and property crimes.
    • Repeat and Felony DUI - defense for obtaining the best possible outcome on your behalf.
    • Sex Crimes - defense for allegations of rape, child porn, exposure, sexual assault.
    • Traffic Offenses - defense for speeding tickets, hit and run, reckless driving.
    • White Collar - defense for fraud, embezzlement, extortion, perjury, racketering.

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