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Education Rights Testimonials


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  • education rights testimonials
    RE: Education Rights

    Mr. Glink, Thank you for speaking at our teacher meeting. You are a wonderful speaker. I certainly see why so many recommended you. After you left, everyone raved about how clearly you described the process. You gave us some tools to help ourselves. We appreciate the help and the guidance. It is great to know there is help out there!!!

    RE: Teacher Rights

    Dear Mr. Glink: I am writing to thank you for your kindness and generosity in taking the time to speak with me a Sunday afternoon. You provided me with invaluable information that I have heard nowhere else. I particularly appreciated the way in which you supported your statements with case precedents and citations of law. While it is difficult to let go of my attempts to right the great wrong that was done to me a year ago, it would be worse to cling to false hopes. The illumination with which you have provided me gives me the ability to move forward in my life with the satisfaction of knowing that I have pursued every possible means of addressing the matter of my job loss. I consider you to be not only a highly knowledgeable and skilled attorney, but a truly good man as well. I realize that your time is very valuable, and the fact that you have been willing to share it so freely with me commands my most profound gratitude.

    RE: Student Rights

    Mr. Steven Glink: Thank you very much for representing our grandson earlier in the year. I'm very sorry that I didn't take the time for many months to write this. I wanted to express the deep gratitude we have for you and JoAnn for your kindness, time, and generosity towards our family. On behalf of our grandson, his mother and me, we wish you both many blessings from God. You both are in our prayers, and we will never forget your help and willingness to sincerely go out of your way to aid a family you didn't even know! Thank you again.

    RE: Parent Rights

    Hi Steve, We went to the hearing and the school supported us and they were very nice and so was the hearing officer. Thank-you for all your help and adivce. Again, we just wanted to give you the latest update and let you know we really appreciate your help and God bless you.

    RE: Parent Rights

    Dear Mr. Glink, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your help with ____. We are both extremely thankful that you worked with us to get this matter resolved. It is good people like you that give me hope! I will undoubtedly recommend you to any friends and/or family that may need your services.

    RE: Student Rights

    Dear Mr. Glink, Thank you for everything you've done I really appreciate it. I really like the school I met a lot of friends and my teachers are kind to me. I'm really happy that you helped us cause if you didn't I wouldn't be going to ___ ____ High School. Thank you so much I 'm so happy here. And I promise my freshmen year I will do my best!

    RE: Parent Rights

    Thank you for speaking at our MOCHA meeting recently. For a very long time we have searched for an educational rights attorney who could adequately represent our members children with food allergies. __ and I both agree, after hearing your presentation, we would feel comfortable referring our members to you. Your compassion and desire to fight for the rights of children with disabilities was evident. Again thank you for your effort to come and speak at our meeting.

    RE: Special Education

    I just wanted to thank you again for speaking to my ______ class, and to let you know that without exception, everyone of the students present that evening remarked in their final papers how much they enjoyed and valued your presentation. They all believed you had provided them a broader and more realistic perspective of the realities of Special Education Law. Many thanks for taking the time to share your expertise!

    RE: Criminal Defense

    Steve, A quick thank you for representing _____ . ____ conveyed that the family was thrilled with the way you handled the situation and that they felt "taken care of." Of course, it came as no surprise to me. That is the highest compliment an attorney can receive from a client, and I wanted to pass it onto you. Thank you

    RE: Student Rights

    Mr. Glink, In a world where nothing is free, I wanted to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for your time and advice regarding my sons gross misconduct at _____ High School. It was stressful, shocking and a strange territory for me to be and I can't thank you enough for the time you spent with me and my brother on the telephone. With much appreciation.

    RE: Parent Rights

    Mr. Glink, this may be coming a little late, but we (my family and myself) just wanted to say thanks for all your help regarding my son, _______. If it wasn't for you, my son would not have passed his grade. I appreciate all your knowledge and expertise regarding diabetes and the school laws. Thank you will never express how happy we are!!

    RE: Juvenile Defense

    Thank you so much for being my lawyer and helping out with my court case. You did such an amazing job and I am so gald you were there to help me. I learned my lesson and I am glad you gave me such great words of wisdom to listen to. Thank-you again!!

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